The primary aim of AIM Logistics is to ensure efficiency in cargo distribution networks and build capacity that would encourage trade within Nigeria and the West African region as well as well as offer strategic, innovative and total cost effective logistics management with a view to enhancing production, supply chain management and value creation.

Our container terminal has a capacity of 1500 full containers at any one time. We intend to demonstrate effective and efficient management of terminal operation for the government and the delivery of affordable services to our customers.

Warehousing and Storage Facilities

  • We operate a warehouse and storage facilities that is fitted and have the flexibility to meet the ever-changing warehousing needs of our clients without increasing their overhead.
  • The warehousing facility will eliminate the hassle and expense of additional employees, investment in technology and equipment and scheduling transportation.

Customs Clearing

  • AIM Logistics provides swift and effective customs clearing and compliance services to its clients. This is an essential procedure of the importing and exporting process.
  • We help our clients declare the content and quantity of their goods and help them complete the customs clearing process. We have been granted customs clearing authorisation.

Import Outsourcing

  • AIM Logistics can provide you with an efficient outsourcing services.
  • Using our services, we take the burden of regulatory and compliance off our clients while they focus on their core business.
  • Through our estimation of import costs services, we are able to determine input costs and our clients have control over raw material costs.

Bonded Terminal & Warehouse Operations

  • Our Terminal and Warehouse charges are competitive. We guarantee Zero % delay on transfer of container and cargo to our terminal and 100% percent customer satisfaction. With our bonded terminal we are able to offer a predictive input costs for your raw materials or equipment enabling controlled budgeting for imported items.

Domestic Cargo Handling

  • We deliver seamless transportation services through our smooth logistics and reliable deliveries. We partner with domestic freight specialist with vast experience and also take full responsibility for the freight, clearing, logistics and storage of domestic cargo.