AIM Processing Industries is a subsidiary of Advanced International Merchants Limited established in March 2005 with the aim of producing Food Grade Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for brewing, bottling, distilling and winery industries for the purpose of carbonation of products. AIM Processing also produces dry ice for the Aviation Industry.

We also provide CO2 to the firefighting industries as input in the production of firefighting equipment as it is capable of fighting all classes of fire.

AIM Processing Industries is also planning to invest some of it’s’ assets in the production of other industrial gasses.


At AIM Processing Industries the Co2 is extracted from the flue gas of a natural gas or diesel. The raw Co2 is cleaned, compressed and liquefied after which it is stored in the storage tanks.
With special demands for purity, additional catalytic treatment processes are applied. The purity standards of our Co2 customers from the food industry can be safely fulfilled by our plants.
AIM Processing Industries is a 500 Kg. /hr Co2 production plant. The Carbon Dioxide (Co2) is produced at the purity of 99.99%.