Advanced International Merchants (AIM) Limited, incorporated on April 1995, is engaged in procurement, distribution, marketing and selling of raw and filtration materials as well as the production of CO2 within Nigeria and West Africa.

As a trading concern in Nigeria, our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of procurements and distribution of industrial raw materials in the consumer industry in Nigeria. Based on the decision of the company to diversify its’ business; AIM went into the importation of Enzymes, Filter Aid and Filter Sheets. Having watched carefully the market trend and the manufacturing sectors, Advanced International Merchants decided to specialise on filtration and today we are the first and the only experienced filtration specialist in Nigeria.
The Company sells its products to manufacturing and consumer goods companies, through AIM owned warehouses across Nigeria and West Africa.

Advanced International Merchants Limited has also come to represent qualitative service to her clients and her share of the Nigeria Market has increased tremendously. The revenues of our company are expected to be nearly N15 Billion Naira N125 Million per month depending on the variables that are factored in with investments in the manufacturing industry.

The Company sells to its wholesale customers and directly to consumers through its Direct to Consumer operations. The Company’s wholly owned subsidiaries are equally committed to their much desired goal of efficiency and effectiveness.

Our plan is to eventually have our presence in the entire West/Central African countries. Following this decision, we have just opened our first offices outside Nigeria in Cameroun and Ghana.